Typical Projects

It might have looked like this:

An investigation into using push notification for a mobile marketing app

Work with a local SME to investigate the use of push notification for a mobile marketing app. Develop a partial prototype application and evaluate the application with the SME. Additional features such as Web Services and internet security may be considered if time permits.

Suitable for:
MSc or BSc(Hons) CS/SE/Mobile.

Proposed Tech:
Many alternatives possibly including: PHP, Android, iPhone, Windows 7 Phone, .NET & MPNS.


Or it might have looked like this:

Cross-platform reusable networking component

This project would require using Winsock and UNIX based sockets to create a networking component capable of multiple platform communication. The program requires a network server and a client that communicate across at least a LAN network. Investigation into different protocols such as TCP/UDP and IPV4/IPV6 is required to decide upon what approach to take.
For extra credit, the program would require a multi-client server capable of relaying information from one client to another. It should be made in C++ for BSc or Java for HND students.

Network Socket programming, C++ or Java.

Suitable for:
HND, BSc(hons), MSc CS, SE, Games