SAW & Ordnance Survey - GeoVation Challenge


Ordinance Survey

SAW partners with Ordnance Survey to host GeoVation Challenge Masterclass

On 16th October Software Alliance Wales will host a free GeoVation Challenge Masterclass at TechHub in Swansea.

The challenge, organised by Ordnance Survey in conjunction with Land Registry, is asking for people to combine the use of geography, technology and design skills to come up with solutions to address the challenge in hand which is ‘How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?’. The most compelling solutions will be offered the opportunity to win a share of £101,000 of funding to bring the solution to reality.

What will happen at the masterclass?

The masterclasses combine theory and practical sessions, giving users the chance to use open datasets from Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Government open data. Attendees can expect to follow the journey of downloading the data, importing it into open source software and mashing with other open datasets to provide analysis that addresses the following two GeoVation housing issue themes that are featured within the GeoVation Pow Wow output: Affordability and Accessibility and infrastructure.

Should I attend the masterclass?

This class is ideal for those new to working with location data or anyone wishing to brush up on their skills and the overriding goal of the session is to identify where affordable housing is accessible in areas of lower deprivation for the average household.

Open to anyone, whether entering the GeoVation Challenge or just wanting to develop their skills generally, the sessions run from 9.30 am until 4.00pm. There are up to 40 places at each session. 

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