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GiaKonda IT - Setting itself apart from the competition

GiaKonda, based in Swansea, supplies complete IT solutions to businesses across South Wales. The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Office Specialist and is an approved BCS centre, providing IT training, IT support as well as supply of software and hardware.
The challenge:
As a small IT provider of just three people, priding themselves on providing a high-standard of IT solutions, they found themselves very busy servicing the needs of their clients to the detriment of some vital business processes, such as managing payments. The company was looking to trump competitors by gaining an industry standard that would give them the differentiation they were looking for in the market.
Giakonda - Trustmark + and IT Business Trustmark accreditedThe company’s director, Wendy Kirkman, sought the help of Software Alliance Wales, she explains, “the team became so dedicated to delivering our services to customers that some of the back office stuff had began to slip, we knew that if we let this continue that this could end up having a detrimental impact on our operations and stunt our growth as a company. We had already done a number of training courses with the Software Alliance Wales team and were delighted when they said that they could help us streamline our business processes with a CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+.”
The solution:
GiaKonda worked closely with Software Alliance Wales and an independent assessor to go through a comprehensive assessment of the company’s back office processes. They were then offered an improvement framework that would allow them to make gradual steps towards more flexible business processes that worked for them and their business.
“The support from Software Alliance Wales and CompTIA throughout the whole accreditation process was great. We were set realistic, achievable goals and deadlines and having a third party on board meant we had the discipline we needed to meet them.”
The result:
Upon completion GiaKonda was recommended to CompTIA by the assessor to be recognised as a ‘best in class’ IT provider and was awarded an IT Business Trustmark in 2013. The company then went on to earn an Accredit UK Trustmark+ in 2014, and is now one of an elite but growing number of accredited companies in the UK.
They are now confident that their business processes are sharp enough to cope with the day-to-day demands of running a small IT business, as well as feeling confident to take on more clients and larger projects moving forward, now that they have the competitive differentiation they were looking for:
“We now have a stringent structure in place that will allow us to operate effectively as a business and grow sustainably. We also have foundations to take on bigger projects and the confidence that our clients have faith in our capability to deliver.”


Wendy Kirkman, director, GiaKonda IT       

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