Experiencing the Benefits of CompTIA Membership


Chris Rees - Communicaions Team Lead

On November 5th my Software Alliance Wales colleagues and I were lucky enough to attend the annual CompTIA EMEA London Channel event at the Queen Elizabeth II Exhibition Centre.  We were there to pick up a Special Recognition award but also to learn more about the channel meetings by networking and experiencing at first hand the benefits of CompTIA membership.

The two days were a fantastic mix of talks by industry experts, panel discussions and networking opportunities. 

The event really hit home for me the value that CompTIA members get from their membership.  Not only do you get the chance to mix with some of the best and brightest from the IT industry and swap contact details but you get to learn about other people’s journeys from small businesses with big ideas to accredited, successful and sustainable businesses. 

One workshop in particular stood out for me, demonstrating the new CompTIA website and its features.  The website has a vast library of free resources for members to help grow and improve their IT companies.  From a range of “Quick Start” guides to numerous e-learning modules.  There are also assessment wizards into which you input your business details and processes, the wizard then generates a free risk assessment report.  Other features include templates for creating your staff hand book, legal templates and a marketing pack helping you leverage your accredited status to help you win bigger contracts.

As somebody who used to be self-employed I know that growing your business and putting in place the policies and procedures to enable growth can be a daunting prospect.  Not knowing how to prepare your business for hiring its first employees for instance, putting HR policies and the infrastructure in place to guarantee sustainability can put off a lot of one-man-bands from up-scaling into larger more successful companies.  CompTIA’s resources and the accreditation process itself give you the support and the raw materials you need to help your business reach its potential and to give it the best chance of succeeding.

Time is running out for Welsh businesses wanting to take advantage of subsidised CompTIA accreditation.  Eligible companies can still benefit from up to 80% funding towards completing the IT Business Trustmark which is an excellent business improvement tool.


Article by Chris Rees
Software Alliance Wales – Communications Team Lead