Business Gains

What are the real benefits of IT Accreditation?

More credibility, more efficiency

For some IT companies, accreditation is about status – a chance to build credibility, open new doors and reach new markets. While for others, it’s a chance to look deep inside the business and create a tighter, leaner operation.

But what will it mean to you?

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the ten major business gains that accredited companies have reported.

  1. Assurance. Accreditation is more than proof of technical competence. It’s a quality statement, telling prospective customers that you have the people and procedures to deliver on every promise.
  2. Equality. If you’re competing with larger or more established suppliers, accreditation is a powerful way to level the playing field. A chance to be judged solely on the merits of your proposal.
  3. Efficiency. The programme will bring your internal processes up to industry leader standards – improving the bottom line for each client, and boosting your market position.
  4. Big company mindset. Accredited IT companies can still be as nimble and responsive as any small business - but with the gravitas and persona of a much larger organisation.
  5. Less fire-fighting. By consistently planning ahead - being pro-active, not reactive – you’ll find there are fewer and fewer fires to be put out.
  6. Loosening the reins.  With a solid framework in place, everyone in the business will be working to the same consistent standard – leaving you free to work on the business, not in it.
  7. Taking stock. Accreditation is an opportunity to take time out and reflect – and maybe learn a lesson or two from previous working habits.
  8. Preparing for growth. Companies that have grown organically by working in ad hoc ways invariably find that larger teams and contracts need a more organised approach. Accreditation provides the structure for your next phase of development.
  9. Privilege. Once your company achieves certification, you’ll be viewed as a lower risk – and qualify for discounted professional indemnity insurance.
  10. Continuous improvement. Thanks to annual Health Checks and the focused guidance that comes from Assessors, you’ll have further goals to reach for over the 3 years after accreditation.
  11. CompTIA membership. I know we said 10 but here is a bonus and its a big one. All companies that take up the challenge of the CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+ get to become part of a vibrant, fast growing, like minded community. See more here

Of course, the benefit to you could be something else entirely. Extra confidence, sharing ideas or maybe just a reality check! Who knows? Everyone has their own reasons for pursuing accreditation, and every company benefits in their own unique way.

The funding opportunity for accreditation via Software Alliance Wales has now come to an end but if you would still like to find out more about CompTIA accreditation contact Kris Nagamootoo (Senior Manager of Vendor Relations at CompTIA)

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