What we do

So, what do we do at Software Alliance Wales?

Technology is rapidly changing the face of business in Wales – thanks to pioneering IT companies drawing on home-grown talent, and businesses across the board finding smart new ways of working. Software Alliance Wales is supporting the next phase of technical growth, by addressing a cross-section of needs inside and outside the IT sector.

All our activities are designed to create a new, IT-centric Wales, where companies in every region network, learn together and share best practice. It all takes the form of four unique project streams, with funding available to businesses in the Convergence Areas of Wales.

Stream 1: Training for IT Professionals

High level, and demand-led

We call it CPD, or Continuing Professional Development. As technology changes day by day, there are always new skills to be learned. But with us, you set the agenda – tell us what you need to learn, and we’ll explore your training options


Stream 2: IT Business Workshops

Straight forward, practical insights

Non-IT people need IT skills. So our workshop sessions give the less technical, more user-friendly end of IT. We’ll look at emerging technologies and blow away the myths, so you can update your working practices without getting lost in geek speak.


Stream 3: Student Projects for Business

A temporary placement with long-term impact

Businesses need expertise, and students need experience. So we bring them together, and everybody wins. Local companies can access the skills of a final year Computer Science student, to solve a business problem or pursue an opportunity.


Stream 4: IT Company Certification

For good practice and great opportunities

Most certified IT companies enjoy a high business profile, plus a level of credibility that can quickly open new doors. But that’s just one side. Accredit UK’s IT centred certification programme goes deep inside your business, leading to more efficient, more profitable ways of working.


So - whether you’re a business owner, software pro or IT student, we’re here to help you push forward and achieve your full potential.

And did we mention? When you work with us, you’ll be tapping into cutting edge expertise from our partner Universities: Swansea, Bangor, Glamorgan, Aberystwyth and Trinity Saint David. There’s a lot of research going on around Wales, and this is a fast route to the latest ideas and proven methods.

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